acaia employees diversity headerWe prioritize Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance in our hiring practices and in the selection of our service partners. Our employees undergo criminal background checks and new hire orientation to learn our guiding values, code of conduct, customer expectations, safety requirements, and operating procedures. Our code of business conduct mandates compliance with laws and regulations to establish our ethical framework of integrity, excellence, leadership, accountability, and responsibility by which we accomplish our corporate and social goals.  Enrollment in ongoing technical and career development training is required for employees to prepare them in their roles for career advancement and success. Mandatory training programs include technical methods, safety procedures, policy, risk prevention, professional development and industry certifications. Through our training programs, we achieve superior customer and employee satisfaction, lower turnover, greater profitability, and proficiency accomplishing our corporate objectives. Great people are our greatest asset, and our success is largely due to measuring the performance of employees, executives, advisors, and directors, against predetermined expectations, goals and objectives.

acacia service partners diversityWhen it comes to service, communication, and relationships, we seek to understand our client’s needs and actively work to exceed expectations. Through our vendor management process, we effectively select and manage service partners, so they not only meet our client’s requirements, but also exceed them, without increasing cost or sacrificing quality. To validate vendor qualifications and capabilities, we comprehensively screen all service partners and candidates. We require service partners to maintain positive Dunn and Bradstreet ratings, financial stability, quality workmanship, current certifications, and the adequate manpower and resources to fulfill service demands.  Compliance with corporate laws, OSHA safety standards, the department of labor, and insurance is mandatory. We conduct ongoing audits of our service partners to ensure our standards and requirements are effectively enforced.acacia suppliers diversity

We provide our customers with quality products and services that deliver sustainability, reliability and longevity. We conduct research to discover products and services that promote environmental sustainability and supply products that are recycled, reclaimed and biodegradable. Our supply chain management aligns our inventory capacity with current demands and reduces costs by minimizing inefficiencies, waste and any detrimental impact to the environment. To ensure that our clients receive maximum value and savings from the products and services provided, we purchase from local, regional and national suppliers. This approach also supports local businesses and minimizes the carbon emissions produced from delivery logistics.