RecyclingTo preserve our world’s resources, we utilize recycling programs, including conventional recycling of motor oil, paper, plastic, glass and metal waste and green recycling of concrete, asphalt and green material. It is also our practice to use paper, office supplies, cleaning agents, landscape material, construction material and all other available products that are made from recycled byproducts.


We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and maximizing energy efficiency by conserving natural resources, reducing air emissions and allocating savings toward renewable energy solutions. We use the most energy efficient tools, equipment and technology available to deliver services quickly and implement strategic plans that minimize the energy usage required to power building systems. Saving energy reduces our operating costs, and our impact on the natural environment optimizing the life cycle and economic performance of our firm.

Fuel EfficiencyAlong with increasing fuel costs, emissions standards and fuel efficiency, we implement ongoing initiatives and action plans to continuously reduce the amount of fossil fuel we use. This reduces our operating costs and helps protect our environment by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Our current fleet management program includes the utilization of vehicles and equipment to exceed fuel efficiency standards by up to 20% and feature improved air filtration systems, and demonstrate other eco-friendly advantages. Our strategic operating plan, which minimizes travel time, emissions, and logistical inefficiencies, delivers cost savings to our customers and us.Reforestation

We deliver sustainable landscape solutions, which bring value to our ecosystem and the communities we live in. Through our landscape management program we install thousands of plants annually and provide ongoing professional care for acres of green space. These efforts absorb carbon and reduce the billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions released globally. Reforestation also beautifies the communities that we work and live in, and helps our customers accomplish their green goals.